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George Lou was just 7 years old and already had an interest in his father’s real estate business and admired his success. As a child, he would go with his father to open houses and listen attentively to what his father said. He had a passion and a dream that, like his father, he too could become Brantford’s #1 Realtor. By the age 18, George Lou had his real estate license and his career literally took off like a rocket! His first year in business George Lou generated 3 million in sales. Year two, again, 3 million in sales and over 50 properties listed. He knew this was the career for him, not only had he acquired his license at a ripe age but at age 20 he became the Youngest Broker in Brantford’s history. Year after year, George Lou continued to beat his own records and impress the public. By his fourth year, at the age of 22, he became Brantford and Brant County’s #1 Realtor. This was obviously attributed to his strong work ethic and unfailing dedication to his clients. In 1996 at the age of 24, George Lou was named #1 Century 21 Realtor in Canada out of approximately 5,000 Realtors for having sold the most properties that year. He continued to be one of the Top 5 Across Canada for many years as well as the #1 Realtor in Brantford and Brant County for 17 years. He has been awarded many times over the past two decades including being inducted in the prestigious Master’s Hall of Fame in the largest real estate company in the world.

Currently in his 26th year in the business George Lou remains at the top of his game, he has been involved in approx. 2,400 successful real estate transactions helping many people’s dreams come true. When asked today how he attained such success he comments “real estate started as a passion and remains one today”, he also states “my loyalty and honesty with my clients has given me lifelong business. I am dedicated to my clients, they are my business” Karmiris replies, “I think some people forget that, they get lost in the act of just making the sale. I have always known that if I was open and honest with people they would appreciate that. I expect that from others so it is second nature for me to give.”

George Lou continues to keep up and evolve with the demands of today's social media and savvy consumer.

George Lou, now happily married with 3 young boys, has entered into another chapter of his life. He is still a powerful force in real estate and reaching new goals every year and hopes to add ‘Father of the Year’ to his portfolio.

George Lou welcomes new clients and of course is always available to his past clients.

A Note From George Lou

I believe to consider yourself successful in real estate you need more than just a license. You need an inner drive, a real hunger to succeed. This together with the right information is the first step to success. While knowledge is power, unless you have the passion to back that knowledge up you only have half of the formula. This is where the average Realtor and I part ways. My desire to be the best far outshines most of my competition. Anyone can list a home for sale, some sell and some don’t. I have heard many Realtors say, “MLS sells the house all we have to do is list it.” I have no doubt that some houses can eventually sell that way, but it’s a shot in the dark. I know most of those Realtors do not have a powerful marketing approach, other than MLS, a proven sales track record with a list of homes sold in this particular year, or a large past client base or large ongoing network with constant buyer referrals on a continuous basis along with out of town Realtor referrals from being nationally known not just locally known. Why take that kind of risk with your largest investment?

As a client of mine, I educate you on every aspect leading up to the sale of your home. I research diligently comparable sold homes in your area. I bring to your attention current trends and potential buyers for your demographic. I qualify each and every person I personally introduce to your home. Whether your home is worth $100,000 or $1,000,000 I market it with the same aggressive and excited approach. It is my personal goal to sell each one of my listings myself. The result is my own unquenchable desire to be #1 in my field, directly benefits you.

I give you the knowledge required to put yourself in a position of power. Each decision you make will be based on tried and true fact, thereby helping to ensure you get the biggest return on your investment.

Success means something different to everyone. At the end of the day my success depends on my own personal integrity. There is a consistency in my system, my actions, values, expectations and outcome. I won’t compromise my integrity because I believe it is better to be upfront and honest and build relationships that last a lifetime; I’ve built my business on it.

Whether you are ready to make a move, or want to explore what options may be available to you, please don’t hesitate to give me a call anytime and we can discuss your personal situation in confidence.

Best regards,
George Lou Karmiris

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